Electronics Injection Molding

August 4, 2021

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Without us noticing, tiny plastic parts are increasingly making inroads into our lives: in cars, medical technology, mobile phones and wearables. Increasing numbers of these micro-parts are made of silicone. But what challenges does micro-injection molding pose for processors? Is liquid silicone, which is seeing increasingly widespread use, making processes more complex than they already are for thermoplastics? And where will the journey take us—how far can the limits of what is feasible be pushed?


The trend towards miniaturization has gained considerable momentum in recent years. Many products—and with them the parts they are made of—are becoming smaller, more delicately complex and more compact. Micro-injection molding is used to produce many of these complex, delicate parts. In medical technology, examples include the increasing numbers of minimally invasive operations or new methods of analysis. Another target group for micro-molding is consumer electronics with very small electronic and optical precision components for smartphones, among other things.

Propose reasonable solution according to customer′s processing requirement. Including drawing, structural design, mold design, mold manufacturing and injection mold.

Our quality is through design: Carefully designed process design to ensure product quality and stability.

We consider cose by design: Simple (concise) product structure realizes the stability of the product in mass production.

We design the perfect process design, ensure the product quality is stable, the cost is low.